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The Vibrant Life Chiropractor

Our team of practitioners are dedicated to providing you with the high level of musculoskeletal care in order to help you recover from health challenges, reduce aches and pains and live a more vibrant healthy life.

Rachael Dunn, DC

As a child I experienced ‘growing pains’ and was told it was just a phase I was going through and that I would grow out of it.

Mum took me to see a chiropractor because the pain was interfering with all of the sports that I loved to do, she helped me immensely. I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do.

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The Neuroimpulse Protocol Team

Our NIP practitioners are experienced therapists who have undergone extensive training in NIP with chiropractor Rachael Dunn.  The whole team are passionate about delivering the finest experience to our practice members and guests in order for you to achieve you life and health goals.

Caro Scott, NeuroImpulse Protocol Practitioner

Caro joined the Vibrant Life team in 2018 after completing a higher education diploma in alternative therapies including soft tissue, craniosacral, mysofascial and joint mobilisation techniques.  Caro was amazed by the effectiveness of the care given at Vibrant Life and has been a passionate advocate ever since joining.



Alex Knight, NeuroImpulse Protocol Practitioner

Alex joined the Vibrant Life team in 2021 after achieving a first class honours degree in sports and exercise science.  Alex was inspired by the NIP care offered at Vibrant Life and loves how improving a person's functional neurology can optimise performance in sport and every day life!  


Benjamin Ford, NeuroImpulse Protocol Practitioner

Ben has a degree in sports and exercise science and joined the Vibrant Life team in 2022 after a decade of working in the health and fitness industry around the world. Along his own journey of discovery, Ben realised NIP is the next level of health and performance and Vibrant Life had perfected the way to deliver care, so jumped in with two feet.



Will Tucker, NeuroImpulse Protocol Practitioner

Will joined the Vibrant Life team in 2022 after achieving a 1st class honours degree in sports and exercise science. Will is very passionate about working with people to help them achieve their health, lifestyle and fitness goals.


Will loves sports and plays a lot of football. He is very enthusiastic about the NIP care offered at Vibrant Life and using this to help people improve their health, live pain free and achieve greater sporting performance.


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