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The following testimonials have been provided from the practice members of the Vibrant Life Centre.

We hope that by sharing these experiences we can provide prospective and current practice members with a better idea of the care we provide here in Devon.  As well as enhancing the publics awareness and understanding of NIP, chiropractic and massage as a whole.

We would like to thank those who have shared their experiences in order to help others benefit from our NIP, Chiropractic and massage care.

Please note that our role is not to cure a symptom, but simply removing imbalances in your nervous system to ensure your body can function properly, heal and regulate itself in order to reach its full potential.

Absolutely Amazed!

I was absolutely amazed at the treatment I received today I have been on the phone all evening telling friends and family the amazing experience I had. My chiropractor was 1st class and really knew his stuff. I feel like a new man tonight and I am so loooking forward to my next appointment. Everything about the place was so professional from calling me the night before to check I knew about my appointment right through to me walking out the door today feels like I' m on top of the world. Throughly recommended these guys.

Dean E.

Amazing Results

I have been telling all my friends about the amazing results experienced since attending Vibrant Life Chiropractic.

Charles C.

A Necessity

Retirement is great bit biggest drawback is the body aging process. I have a monthly adjustment and massage which definitely helps and has become an essential routine. I often wonder where I would be in terms of discomfort had I not arrived at your practice via your persuasive receptionist Roz. You are a necessity for me! You do achieve what you claim to do.
Wendy S.

Astonished - It Really Works

To Simeon and the team; thank you for the treatments whilst on holiday last week. Though not totally pain free yet I was astonished at how NIP worked.  Thank you again; though I didn’t get on my board this year due to pain, with your help and advice I will be soon; and If I cannot find a local NIP practitioner near me, just means I will have to do a monthly visit with my Surf Board!

Russ B.

Thank You

Really friendly group of people who made me feel very welcome and at ease. Thank you
Leanne T.

From Grumpy to Satisfied

As a 70 year old grumpy old man with a slipped disc in my lower back I went to the practice hoping for an instant fix. It’s a long standing problem treated by various back crackers over many years and has rarely been treated effectively, so I was skeptical.

It was explained that the treatment would consist of an examination from which a diagnosis could be made and discussed at second appointment. My initial fear was that I’d be brought back time and again with an open ended cost and little success.  The cost was clearly stated. Nina was thorough, informative and said that the cause of the pain was not as I had thought. She explained what she recommended and I was offered several treatments in a package at a discounted cost rather less than I expected.

The adjustments did not hurt me at all but skilfully manipulated. After the session the area concerned was massaged by a masseuse on the team, all within the agreed cost. Consequently there was none of the pain or bruising I had expected.


So, the pain I went about has gone. I can stand up straight in a way I could not do before. The stiff neck is much better and the awful pain I used to get between my shoulder blades at around 9pm after I long day when I finally get to lay all the tables for breakfast is entirely absent. In short Nina sorted out many problems I had just got used to. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. I’m not nearly so grumpy now!
Nick B.

Giving Me Faith

I have lived with my condition for so many years that I didnt actually think anyone could help then my friend Ria suggested I pay your practice a visit. It was so lovely to meet Rachael she listened to my complaints & then assessed me. After telling me that she could help me I could've cried.


Thank you so much for giving me faith, im looking forward to my next visit
Louise L.

Lovely and Calm

Staff at all visits have a lovely calm manner, the atmosphere is conducive to calming and settling the client even if they have rushed in.
Pamela H.

Full Confidence

I rang in pain on Monday morning and had an appointment made that day for 11:30. Rachael was great, explained everything and after an hour I left in less pain and with a plan of care for the next 6 weeks. Full confidence in the practice and the staff.
Chris M.

More Positive

My experience of Vibrant Life Chiropractic has been more than positive. I have benefitted not only physically but very much psychologically and am now much more positive in dealing with life challenges.
Wilma S.


Having used a conventional chiropractor before I had limited expectations but anticipated that I would get some help. Rachael seemed to think they could make far greater improvement than my limited expectations. I found her inspiring and raised my hopes and have not been disappointed. Lovely staff too.
Wendy S.

I have hope again

Gave me more insight into my condition and must have felt every bone/muscle and tissue in my body. I wasn’t expecting so much to be done and felt so much better after I left. I have always been physically fit until February this year when my hip gave me problems and I dreaded going out as I limped. I have been reassured that there is hope for me. More compassion and understanding than my physio with the NHS. Looking forward to my next appointment.
Christine E.

I Now See A Marked Difference In The Outcome

I had never been to a chiropractor before now. At times I visited an osteopath though, I now see a marked difference in the outcome. What they do at Vibrant Life Chiropractic is gentle, subtle and more effective in reaching the root of the problem; the latter can be harsh and, from my experience, offers a temporary fix. I am now a convert to the chiropractic practice.
Luisa C.

Informative And Reassuring

I was pretty nervous but was put at ease by the receptionist from the outset. My first visit was informative and reassuring. I am looking forward to returning in a couple of days to start my treatments.
Mike W.

Felt Very Welcomed

I was made to feel very welcome. A very friendly and helpful team that only want what’s best for you. Have noticed changes and improvements already even after just 2 visits. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a chiropractor to choose Vibrant Life Chiropractic.
Chris A.

Extremely Helpful

I would just like to add my thanks for a extremely helpful service from all of the staff. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.
Suzanne G.

Really Impressed

I am really impressed with the friendliness of the staff from the front desk right through to Rachael the chiropractor. They have given me real confidence that soon I will back to my best.
Stuart F.

Excellent Experience!

Over all my experience was excellent. I found all the staff very welcoming and liked that everybody remembered me each time, not as though I was just another customer/patient, so thank you.
Rohane G.

Leave Feeling Better!

Perhaps sounds a little strange, but I thoroughly enjoy attending my appointments – wonderfully friendly, helpful staff and I always leave feeling better!
Emma C.

Enjoyed the whole experience

I really enjoyed my initial consultation at Vibrant Life Chiropractic, and I'm looking forward to returning next week.
Andrew J.

Appreciate All That They Do

Vibrant Life Chiropractic and health keeps me on my feet literally. I have a condition that means my joints are extra bendy so I often need putting back in place. When this happens I am seen quickly and I am always happy with my treatment. I recommend Rachael and her team to everyone as I fully appreciate how much they do to keep me healthy.
Marcela A.

Wonderful Experience

I love how the staff make you feel like they know you and are very welcoming. The clinic is spotless and I like how they offer water and fruit whilst you wait and after appointments. A wonderful experience overall.
Alex B.

Exceeded Expectations

Vibrant Life Chiropractic so far has exceeded my expectations from the minute I walked in and was introduced by the receptionist to receiving the actual treatment.
Emma N.

Very Friendly

Always nervous when going somewhere new but felt relaxed and quite at home with you. Very friendly bunch…thank you for making it so easy.
Christine J.

Great Improvement

I have already noticed a great improvement in my shoulder and I can now straighten my arm after many years.
Judith V.


Having had a bad back for over 20 years and having seen numerous chiropractors, osteopaths and various other specialists I was blown away by Dr. Rachael Dunn. She asked me many questions I had never been asked before although they were very relevant. She did tests on me I had never had done before. I am positive she can help my back feel better given a little time.



I was really impressed with my visit to Vibrant LIfe Chiropractic. It was such a friendly, relaxed environment, the staff were fantastic and I have every confidence my health issue will be resolved.
Clair C.

Clear and Concise Diagnosis

My chiropractor was incredibly knowledgeable about sport in general, pinpointed my problems and issues immediately and was clear and concise in his diagnosis and treatment plane. Extremely positive and has a real ‘CAN DO’ attitude. As an elite athlete, I have improved my squat by 20kg, since visiting Vibrant Life Chiropractic.

Essop M.

Positive Results

After just a few treatments I have received positive results, which I could have only dreamed of! Treatments are very gentle and calming. I am absolutely thrilled with the results! I am overjoyed!

Fiona C.

Relief from Depression

I had already seen the chiropractor adjusting my Mother and boyfriend with awesome results. I was surprised at the relief I received from a general feeling of depression I had experienced for so many years. Definitely worthwhile as it could relieve problems you never even knew could be taken away and cured!

Helen N.


Daniel had been seeing a paediatric consultant for 4 ½ years and had been on double dosage of adult medication for most of this time. His medication wasn’t helping and Daniel was on regular painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills. We were referred to the children’s hospital, they told us that he may grow out of it or would receive a ileostomy bag. They couldn’t give us a diagnosis and just told us to stop medication. We couldn’t do this as Daniel could go up to 5 weeks without emptying his bowel.


At the end of our tethers and no closer to any help until we saw visited Vibrant Life Chiropractic. It’s amazing. Daniel is now on no medication, no painkillers, no anti-inflammatory perscritpions. He hasn’t returned to hospital and has had no swelling. His bowel is now working and is now opening his bowels every 2-3 days. It’s amazing he’s a different child it’s unbelievable.


Daniel C, age 5.

Doesn’t Hurt

I felt everyone really did care from the reception staff to seeing the chiropractor. Everyone was pleasant and prepared to help with smallest concern or problem. It doesn’t hurt and the relief you get is wonderful.

Paul W.

Genuine Concern

My chiropractor knew exactly where the pain was and why it was happening – he showed a genuine concern for me and tried several methods of treatment until he found the one that offered me most relief.

Tracy W.

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