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Benjamin Ford, NeuroImpusle Protocol Practitioner


Ben has a degree in sports and exercise science and joined the Vibrant Life team in 2022 after a decade of working in the health and fitness industry around the world. Along his own journey of discovery, Ben realised NIP is the next level of health and performance and Vibrant Life had perfected the way to deliver care, so jumped in with two feet.

Having worked with over 5000 clients and guests over the decade in a health and fitness capacity, graduating with a high level degree in exercise science, Ben has now successfully completed all basic and advanced exams and 100s of hours of Neuroimpulse Protocol (NIP) training, practice and patient care at Vibrant Life.

Combining his broad experiences in the health industry and the accuracy and precision NIP allows in measuring the state of an individual's nervous system, Ben is excited to work with people who are ready to take their health and wellness to a deeper and more vibrant level.

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