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A Transformational Health Care Program.

​At Vibrant Life we are passionate about helping you discover and express your most Vibrant self.  We understand that given the right conditions the human body is self regulating and self healing.  Imagine how fantastic you will feel when you remove the interference between you and your Vibrant Life!


V8 is your 8 week commitment to the transformation of your health and life.  The program combines neurological chiropractic, massage, braintap meditation technology, nutrition and supplements, and a short, easy to learn movement practice.  Using these you will gain the tools you need to continue your healing and health journey for the whole of your Vibrant Life.  You can use V8 in the recovery of lost health or for the optimisation of health and performance.


Imagine having more energy, less body pain, stabilized mood swings, feeling full and satisfied after eating (not tired or bloated), having clear skin, losing a few pounds and much more! 

What's involved with the V8 Program?

Neuroimpulse Protocol

Bring balance to your nervous system and create clear connection between your brain and body.  It is vital for the expression of optimum health.  We identify where the function of your body and nervous system is disorganised, gently correct those areas and allow your body to heal itself.


Soft Tissue Therapy

Our team of NIP and soft tissue therapists work closely together to create a care plan for you.  Whether you need treatment for a specific injury, stress reduction and relaxation, or a combination of both, your sessions during V8 will be tailored specifically to your needs.


Your ultimate guide to eating for optimal human health.  What foods do human beings require to express vibrant health?  You will learn all of this and be provided with everything you need from recipes, shopping lists and supplements to aid your body in a gentle but powerful cleanse.

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Using innovative braintap technology, that utilises light and sound therapy you will follow a full mediation program.  This process can rebalance your mind and body, calming the stress response and improving your daily coping mechanisms and enhancing your brain’s efficiency.

Brain Body Balance Movement Routine

Over the 8 weeks you will learn a short series of daily movement practices that will activate the movement and balance centres of your brain and spine, increase tone in your core, and bring balance to your sensory-motor system.  The intention of this practice is to increase your brain and body’s adaptability making movement flow and injury less likely. 

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It is our passion not only to (treat) your conditions but to help you reclaim responsibility and be your own health care leader.  When you remove the interference to your nervous system and create brain, body, balance you can live your most vibrant life

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Regaining your health is not an event that happens in a moment.  Transformation happens by repeating small actions (behaviours) over time.  V8 could be the beginning of your transformational journey and we are here to support you every step of the way.

V8 is your opportunity to create life- long, healthy habits for you to continue for the whole of your vibrant life.

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