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The Neuroimpulse Protocol Technique

At the Vibrant Life Centre we offer a very unique service as a centre of excellence.  We specialise in cutting edge neurological care with our main approach utilising the Neuroimpulse Protocol. This means that we pride ourselves in giving outstanding levels of care to our guests and practice members from across Devon, as well as providing fantastic training opportunities to spinal care practitioners from different disciplines including Chiropractors, Physical therapists and Osteopaths from around the UK.

NIP was initially developed within the chiropractic philosophy that in order to achieve  optimum health your brain and nervous system need to work without interference. More recently, other practitioners are being drawn to learn NIP for its gentle, effective and neurological approach to health, wellbeing and symptom resolution.

The NIP model allows the practitioner to measure the function of your body in relation to your brain and nervous system.  This is called functional neurology and enables us to diagnose your primary problem areas quickly, be they in joints of the spine and body, muscular, cranial and neurological. Not only used by chiropractors NIP has been adopted by therapists who want to deliver cutting edge neurological care.

Neuroimpulse Protocol (NIP)

The NIP technique provides predictable, reproducible clinical results for patients of all ages.  The protocol was initially developed for use in babies and young children and it is just as profound in its application in adults.  The adjustments are gentle,  fast and very comfortable to recieve often with an immediate feeling of release of physical and emotional tension. We love helping our practice members of all ages from the newborn to the elderly in fact many families enjoy coming in for thier adjustments together.  Combining NIP adjustments with the other modalities that we offer such as Braintap, massage and nutritional coaching is an exceptional way to find and live your Vibrant Life.


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