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6 Reasons To Improve Your Posture

Do you struggle with keeping good posture? Perhaps you try to sit up and stand tall only to forget a few minutes later? Once you realise how important the alignment of your spine is it can be much easier to put the work in to gain the strength and skills needed to maintain it. Here are 6 very good reasons to (be aware of your posture at work)

6. Increased oxygen to your brain and body

Poor posture, especially forward head and rounded shoulders, compresses your diaphragm and restricts your capacity to take a full breath. This can reduce the amount of oxygen you take with each breath. Sitting and standing well with good core control and relaxed open posture means maximum oxygen flowing to your brain, organs and muscles.

5. Being pain free

If you always sit or stand with poor posture including slumped sitting, forward pelvic sway when standing or uneven weight bearing from one leg to the other you are much more likely to experience neck pain and headaches, mid back or lower back pain even pins and needles in your hands or feet.

4. looking good

Great posture looks better, without a doubt standing and sitting well will make you look slimmer and more attractive!

3. feeling confident and dealing better with stress

Not only does good posture make you look better but it has been shown to raise confidence and help deal with stress. Slumped flexed posture increases feelings of depression and inward emotions. I love that in yoga you lift your chest and shine your heart forward shining your amazing energy with everyone you meet.

2. Spinal movement literally lights up the cerebellum and fires it into action!

Your cerebellum modulates the rate, rhythm and accuracy of your movement, organ function and thoughts and emotions. A healthy cerebellum is essential for a healthy brain and Postural exercises such as SPINAL WAKE UPS and SPINE WAVES help to integrate all of the conscious and unconscious proprioceptive (movement) information there.

1. Brain body communication

And very importantly the spine is the pathway of communication between your brain and your body. Your spinal cord is protected by the spinal column and the delicate spinal nerves exit between each of the vertebrae. Billions of messages per second travel between every cell of your body and your brain. Interference free communication between your organs, muscles and joints is essential for health and a 100% experience and expression of LIFE! This is why chiropractors adjust the spine.

If you are already suffering with the effects of poor posture you should get checked by your chiropractor for specific spinal misalignments which we call subluxations. Having a regular chiropractic check up can help with back and neck pain, headaches and better postural control and most of all clear your nervous system for a more vibrant LIFE.

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