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Water! How much should I actually drink?

Our bodies are made up of more than 60% water. Drinking pure clean water is essential for health, and for looking and feeling great. If you want to get the most out of any other healthy habits such as eating healthily, exercising or your care with us at vibrant life, drinking plenty of water is absolutely key.

How much is enough?

Well, this can vary depending on lots of factors including your level of activity, your state of health and the weather! We need to be hydrated for all basic body functions to live but we also need water to move toxins through and out of the body. A basic guide to how much is the minimum amount you should drink is based around how much you weigh.

You can work out how much to drink by dividing your weight in Kilograms by 30 to work out how many litres you should drink. So, if you weigh 70kg you would divide that by 30 to know that you should drink at least 2.3 litres per day.

If you know your weight in pounds you would divide that number in half to work out how many ounces of water you should drink. If you weigh 154lb you should drink at least 77 ounces of water each day.

The above calculations are intended as a guide to provide a minimum amount of water to survive! If you want your body to detoxify properly, if you are exercising, recovering from illness or have just had a massage or adjustment you should drink more!

It is possible to drink too much although I think most of us are in no danger of that! If you were to consume 1-2 litres more than the minimum you worked out from the calculation above you would be well within optimal amounts of water to drink, again depending on your lifestyle factors.

Hydration is more than just water though and you can check our blog on electrolytes to find out what you can add to super charge your water for health.

Happy Hydrating from the Vibrant Life Team! Cheers!


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