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Time for Healing

At Vibrant Life centre we are lucky to have the skills and knowledge of multiple therapists working together to help connect you with your own health and healing. The centre has been built on a strong foundation of chiropractic philosophy having been founded by me, Rachael, a chiropractor for 20 years and my husband Steve, a long-standing chiropractic advocate. Our therapists from different disciplines understand and share our philosophies bringing you a congruent message for your health and healing.

Here I’d like to share the 6th (of 33 ) chiropractic principle.

Chiropractic Principle 6. The principle of time.

“There is no process that does not require time.”

This is a modern world where there is never enough time, we run out of time to accomplish the things we want or we can get what we want pretty much right now if we order it online and it arrives within 24 hours! We often find it difficult to understand that all processes take time. To have the patience to allow the time it takes for your body to heal and repair is an essential part of your path to a Vibrant Life.

Dysfunction and Dis-ease within the body do not happen overnight. Often, symptoms will finally show up after many months or years of the body adapting to less-than-ideal movement, nutrition or emotional health states. If you listen to those whispers of the body immediately it can be straight forward to steer yourself back into a more healthful and happy way of being.

If you ignore those whispers the body will turn up the volume until eventually its shouting at you with more severe or intense symptoms and then finally breaks down.

To be honest, many people we see on their first visit to VLC have been ignoring the whispers of the body for some time. Most people show up having been experiencing symptoms for a long time. The healing that is required in any situation is a process that takes time. Our care does not fix you. You fix you. The innate healing abilities of the body are all yours, we can’t claim that glory! The magic of the body's innate intelligence gets to work after your adjustment, once the connection between the brain and body is restored. Inflammation is reduced, tissues begin to heal and your body gradually begins to restore optimal function. This is a process that takes time.

What our life looks like is determined by our habits. These are the daily and weekly things that we do regularly over time. If we want to change the quality of our lives, we must change our habits and be consistent with that over time. If we want to change the quality of our health, we would expect to have to change our eating and exercise habits and be consistent with that over time.

If you see a person living a life with positivity, energy, health and abundance these are not things that have occurred in one moment but are a result of repeating great habits over time.

When you consult with us at Vibrant Life we are always optimistic for your health knowing that you possess an innate intelligence within your self-regulating and self-healing body. We are also realistic in the processes of returning to health. Processes that take time. After your consultation we will discuss and plan your care allowing repeated visits to build on the ones before over time. We will encourage you to make a lifelong habits of self-care including healthy nutrition, movement, braintap, massage and adjustments so that you can live a truly Vibrant Life.

If we do not make time to support our health and allow time for healthy healing processes when it is convinient for us now, enevitably we will be forced to take time when our body systems reach their limits and break down in the future.

Understanding this principle that “There is no process that does not take time” is at the core of our belief that occasional symptomatic care is not what will help you live your best life. Lifetime spinal check-ups and care is are an essential part of your optimal health.

If you would like to begin the habit of spinal care and massage, or return to us after a break from care you can contact us here

If you would like support in creating nutrition habits that will serve you for life you can check out our program here

If you would like to change your personal care habits to create a no toxins environment for you and your family you can check out our online shop here


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