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 Revolutionary approach to health care 

At the Vibrant Life Centre we specialise in a unique approach to take care of your body and improve the quality of your life.

For a limited time you can secure this special offer for yourself or a loved one with a saving of £69.00


Many people seek our help looking for relief from pain or symptoms.  Take advantage of this offer and click the button below.

This special offer will include:


  • A thorough assessment of your problem and past medical history

  • An in depth neurological and physcial examination

PLUS a second appointment, where we will clearly explain to you:

  • Our findings from the consultation

  • A diagnosis of the issues you face

  • Along with a clear plan of what we can do to help you recover your health. *


THEN your first treatment session to begin the journey of regaining your health.

ALSO INCLUDED is the 'Prelude to Health' workshop to ensure you get well faster and get the most from your care.

All 4 parts of your care can be booked now for £69

(a saving of £69!)

* There is no obligation to begin any care with us, the consultation and report of findings session will provide you with the opportunity to find out what is causing your pain, what can be done about it and a clear picture of the cost involved.  (A referral to an appropriate professional will be made if Chiropractic is deemed unsuitable for your problem)

What people say about us

We have been making a positive impact on the health of families within Devon since 2001. Utilising a specific, gentle and highly effective chiropractic approach.  Our mission is simple - To help the families of Devon to achieve their health goals naturally and be able to live a more vibrant life.



“I rang in pain on Monday morning and had an appointment made that day for 11:30. Rachael was great, explained everything and after an hour I left in less pain and with a plan of care for the next 6 weeks. Full confidence in the practice and the staff.”

— Chris M.

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