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Caroline Scott - Massage Therapist Braunton

For years I have enjoyed an array of outdoor activities including mountain biking, climbing, hiking and snowboarding. This resulted in my body suffering a number of hard knocks and I discovered the enormous benefits of massage therapy after injuring my shoulder snowboarding.


Massage therapy was an integral part of my journey to regain and maintain freedom of movement and relief from pain. This allowed me to continue doing the activities I love. I was hooked and wanted to offer the same benefits to others.

I completed a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage at Wellpark College in Auckland. I chose this course due to the wide variety of techniques it offered and holistic approach to health and wellbeing. I also trained in Reiki level 1 and 2.


I have experienced the body’s innate ability to repair if it is offered the right attention and space to do so. I see huge advantage in working amongst a diverse team of therapists and practitioners in order to create an effective treatment plan tailored to each individual client’s needs.


What I find exciting about massage therapy is the opportunity to continuously develop and learn new techniques in order to help problem solve with our clients.

I look forward to helping you recover from your health challenges and  move towards a more vibrant life.

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