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Rowan Chanin- Massage Therapist Braunton

My story began on the athletics track in Braunton, where I competed as a sprinter. I always had a love of sports and running, in particular. This sparked my interest in helping people to recover from their injuries so they can get back to sports or work as quickly as possible! I completed my degree in BSc Sports Therapy and have thoroughly enjoyed working with high level Rugby playings from teams such as Gloucester RFU. I have also worked with Athletes, Lacrosse players and the London Marathon runners. I gained my massage qualification in 2015 and I have years of experience providing high level, professionally customised massage to many different people, including elite athletes.


I believe that it is essential to have tailored massage regularly. Massage encourages lymphatic drainage, increases circulation, releases tight muscles, relieves stress, decrease pain and aids injury recovery. Don’t worry if you do not take part in any exercise, everyone can benefit from massage therapy, it is amazing!



Why not join in with the fun and see how awesome you can be.

What Her Guests Say…


Lower Back & Hip Pain

"Rowan is very knowledgeable and professional, she helped with my lower back and hip pain and I am happy to say that she has got me back to cycling every weekend. "


Lower Back Pain & Rehab

"I've been working with Matt for nearly 2 months now, to deal with lower back pain and an old knee Injury both of which have caused me trouble when running. He has managed to virtually eradicate my lower back pain I have suffered on a daily basis and my knee feels stronger and stronger after every session....I am now looking forward to running another half marathon later on this year and completing it without the issues I have suffered previously!!! Really impressed :-)"

- SH

Professional & very knowledgeable

“Lovely man who does what he says he'll do. Confident, knowledgeable, reliable.”
- AL

Tennis Elbow

“I had been suffering for months with "Tennis Elbow" it had got so bad that I was struggling to do my job as an HGV driver.  Matt asked me lots of questions and gave me an ultrasound course. After only two ten minute sessions the difference was amazing....hardly any pain and once again I could move my arm without any real pain.I did another 4 sessions of ultrasound with Matt and now I have even managed to go back to Aikido and continue my job with little or no pain. This young man know,s his trade and would recommend him to anyone . Thank you so much Matt."




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